Saturday 20 February 2021

Seven days inside

icy path

That's how long I rode the indoor trainer. Previously I had just spent the odd day - when it was too cold and icy - in the garage. But that whole week was a really cold period with plenty of snow and ice that didn't melt until the Saturday. Despite what the time stamp on the videos says, it was Sunday when I finally ventured out. Almost all of the roads were completely clear of snow. Not the case for the pavements, they still presented a real danger to pedestrians. I thought the off road lanes would have a good coating of snow, and provide some interesting riding. And where it had melted the ground would still be frozen. 

big icy puddle

icy off road lane

Unfortunately there was a lot of ice and mud, I was forced to dismount and walk the bike over the worst of it. 

Some of the ice covered puddles had a thicker layer than would break under my weight, again forcing me to gingerly walk.

I made it with with only one mishap. A gentle slope caused the bike to slid slowly from under me. I easily got a foot down before I hit the ground. 

I've now had a whole week outside, hopfully the cold weather is gone for this winter. 

Looking forward spring.