Sunday 7 February 2021

Working title

How do the blog posts come about?

Some are the result of a specific goal, the photowalks for instance, or cycling topics. Photoshoots have been off limits since this one; this one just made it before the start of the first lockdown.

Others come about as a result of reading or viewing something interesting, I give you my views.

I write a few reviews about an item I have bought, especially if it was a replacement, or about a topic I have covered in the past.

Finally inspiration can arrive during my cycle rides.

The title changes many times as I write, I frequently spend many days or weeks editing. A whole paragraph can be cut during.

These paragraphs often start other posts. 

Or I just have a title; weeks can pass before I start adding text.

I often have more than one idea in progress, as I wrote this one there were three others waiting in the wings.

I make an effort to be positive, it would be wonderful if my words lifted a readers spirits. Or started a new thought process that helped in some way.

When the weather improves I might start going for early morning walks or rides. Seeing the sunrise could be a great way to start the day. And set me writing another post, or just take a few nice pictures.