Saturday 15 December 2018

The last photoshoot of 2018

headshot window background

The last photoshoot of 2018. And it was really productive, as it always is with a good team. They both had clear ideas about what they wanted, and came well prepared. You always have to adapt a bit if you're not in a controlled environment like a studio. But I think that adds to the challenge.

The plan was for two looks; one a bit edgier than we had previously shot and the second more editorial.

Xandria's mum found the location, a good call considering the weather. It's so much nicer working in the warm.

gold coat stairwell
 The first setup wasn't particularly well lit, a dim stairwell, with one window. I think it worked for the theme though. I used a speedlight to add a bit of punch to the lighting. It was attached to a remote trigger and placed in a softbox. I try to use off camera flash as much as possible, it gives more control and options.
gold coat stairwell on the step

blue floral dress, blue lipstick window background

blue floral dress, blue lipstick window background
The second setup was completely different; against some big windows. It still needed the softbox to balance the background exposure and to give some depth.

We have started a search for a location for the next shoot.

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