Saturday 6 April 2019

Just the dog walkers and me

spring blossom off road path

Not a lot to say about today's ride. I was alone with my thoughts, except for a couple of dog walkers.

I don't normally mention my job in these blogs but this week was good. A little background to explain. The main office is in London, I work in a Croydon office, it's convenient for me and it's in a nice building so no complaints. But I am on my own, with an occasional visit if someone has to be at a local customer site. I'm used to it and it doesn't really bother me.

I do look forward to visitors though, and this week there were three.

On Tuesday Natalie and Paula arrived for lunch. It was really great to catch up, chat and have a laugh. My wife now says I'm a lady that lunches, which is nice I think. Hopefully it will be a regular event.

Then on Friday Henry worked at the second desk for the day. I caught up with company news and chatted over coffee. Again, I hope it will be a regular occurance.

They really helped the week flow quickly and meant my mood was good for the whole five days. And better than last weekend.

Back to the ride.

I covered nearly twenty five miles including the hill out of Oxted, a proper challenge with most of it twenty percent.

It was hard work as always but so satisfying, the hills are twisty so the top isn't in sight until you are very close.

If the weather doesn't intervene it will back to normal tomorrow with Matt in attendance.

For those interested in such things; here is a graph of the route showing the hills. No flat bits to speak of. The steepest section started at around sixteen miles.

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