Sunday 29 May 2022

On the road again

Last Thursday I finally got confirmation that I could ride on the road. There were some nerves as I started off. And I wasn't sure how far I would go; any direction has hills I'd have to climb on the way back.

It had been a long time in the garage on the trainer; I'd been riding it since the 24th April and completed 413 miles. I wasn't sure how much I'd lost since February, and how much had been regained. It will probably be a few more months of hard work to get to where I was.

So what was my first ride and to where? With the club, alone or with Matt?


I went to Tatsfield village. There is only one hill of note in each direction along fairly quiet lanes. I took the mountain bike; it's very low gears and the big tyres gave an easy and compliant ride. And met Matt for coffee.

coffee in tatsfield
coffee in tatsfield

Sunday was a little longer ride; to Westerham. It felt great. I know I'm not yet as fit or as strong as I was. But I'm not as far off as I thought.  

Chatting to Matt, he asked if there had been a time when I thought about cancelling my ride to Cornwall. I replied, "no". I admit I was unsure during the first couple of days after the crash. The surgeon said there was a chance the blood supply may have been compromised, and a potential for nerve damage. Once I was moving around the ward with a walking frame, and the swelling started to reduce it never entered my mind that I wouldn't do the ride. Albeit with a reduced daily distance. 

Having completed these two rides I am even more confident it's within capabilities. With the bank holiday weekend coming up I'll be riding with my club. It'll be a chance to ride further, to test my endurance.

I went to the office in London on Friday; walking down to the station in the valley and then from Victoria to near Oxford Circus, and back. I awoke Saturday morning with an aching hip, or to be more precise two. It had been a long time since I'd walked so much. With errands to do this was not good news. Once I got moving though everything freed up a bit. The cycling makes a big difference, helping with flexibility.

I have also signed up for a local hill climb event. I've done it twice before;  it will be interesting what I can achieve this year. Link to my previous efforts.