Saturday 6 January 2018

First cycle of 2018

First ride of 2018, and it was a cold one. The last few days have been warm, but the rain had too frequently made an appearance. This morning however dawned grey and cold.

The standard route was agreed when we met at the green. The slow way to the bus stop. On arrival tea and biscuits were consumed and the recent celebrations discussed. We both agreed the fuss and stress from the build up put a dampener on the event.

The cold hadn't been an issue, except for the cold bench we sat on.  The ride home was a different story. The wind had risen and it really started to bite. We choose the long way home due to the fog, and the hope of some shelter from icy blast. But it was not to be. Riding down hill the speed had to be kept low. Such was the chilling the extra speed caused. We saw a lot of cyclist, bidding good morning to them all became almost constant. I do find winter riding elicits more replies to my greetings. It must be because we are all a little surprised to see others out on bikes when it's so cold, and seek to acknowledge it.

Anyway I'm home now, showered and warm. So the pain of a chilled face are forgotten until the next ride.

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