Thursday 26 April 2018

What use is a blog?

I often read articles discussing the steps needed to become a professional photographer.

Social media is always high on the list. Often alongside experience and knowledge. You need a website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and followers we are told.

Part of that strategy is a blog, like this one.

What your blog will be used for is a little harder to define.

Is it to showcase your work, give examples of how you would answer a clients needs, or show your technical knowledge?

The first standard suggestion, that of showcasing your work is less popular now. A long train of pictures with a few words isn't recommended.

I can see why. A slide show with similar words on each post isn't very engaging and if they are just about each project you shoot, presented in the same way, where is the variety?

The idea behind this blog is to give you a broader view of me, not just my photography. If we are going to work together, will we connect? I try to write about how I came to do the project, and my thought process before, during and after it.

Part of that broader me is cycling. I try to document it in an engaging way.

Also, like this piece, my thoughts on photography in general.

The next standard reason we are told for a blog is to show clients how you might solve their problems. Again the format this follows could be a little dry. I don't think a client would be interested in F stops and shutter speeds. Or the equipment I use. They would more likely expect me to be able to demonstrate I knew how to use what I have.

Please leave a comment at the end of this blog, to tell me how I'm doing.

The whole social media "thing" seems to be a default must have that will lead to new clients and work. But I'm not sure it does. You have to become known outside your network the old fashioned way first, word of mouth, traditional advertising. Social media can then keep you in people's minds. And once your network becomes big enough bring in new clients.

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