Sunday 4 September 2022

Travel for free

save money ride a bike

Cafe chat on bank holiday Monday. 

"Isn't it great that you can ride your bike to anywhere, and it doesn't cost anything."

Matt is right, up to a point. Destinations over about 100 miles would need an overnight stop. You could wild camp for free, with landowners permission. Otherwise it's a B&B. This would be even easier if main roads had segregated cycle paths. They tend to be flatter and more direct than the quieter roads that are safer for riders. It is encouraging to hear that HS2 may have them.

Now riding to work a few days a week. He is fitter, has lost weight and is saving a lot of money. There are sections of the route that cause concern, the interaction with other roads users is the reason. 

I have written posts about my thoughts on this. A big change in attitude is needed from government, media, drivers and motor manufacturers. Road violence has to be seen as a serious danger. It cannot be dealt with lightly, as it is at present.

I visited my mum and sister yesterday, a round trip of 32 miles. Completed in not much more time than it would have taken by car. No cost or pollution. I went to a bbg a few weeks ago, another a very pleasant ride. Obviously traveling as a couple we would need the car. How many other people without health issues drive because they don't consider an alternative even for very short distances. Many people will drive as little as 2 or 3 miles.

The National Travel Survey 2021 makes for some interesting reading. Did you know that 72% of all journeys undertaken in the UK are under 5 miles. A manageable distance for many people on a bike, yet over 50% of these journeys are driven. That’s 18 billion journeys that could be cycled.

Maybe some of those needed to be motorised; could an e-bike have been an alternative for a few?  How many were local deliveries? Cargo bikes are increasingly being used for quite bulky items, and people.

Disabled people, depending on their condition, can find walking difficult but riding isn't. Another reason to make our roads safer.

Local businesses see a rise in revenue where more active travel options are provided. Crime is reduced, making our streets safer.

Community spirit is often said to be lacking in our villages, towns and cities. This could be improved if we get out of our cars and interacted with our neighbourhood.

The weather was fine for the ride yesterday; I have ridden it in the rain. I'm not made of sugar so I didn't dissolve. I just put on a jacket.