Monday 7 May 2018

Last day of a great weekend

bike leant against the wall, in the shade.
Bike leant against the wall, me in the shade.

Just back from the last ride of the weekend. It always seems better to have cycled on a bank holiday, a day stolen from the work week. And only four days of work until the next time. Life is good.

Saturday was a testing ride, taking in a few of the steepest hills around me.

Sunday was a little easier, a gentle ride to Westerham. It was a longer ride, but less severe hills.

churchill westerham kent
Picture from a while ago. Winston Churchill on Westerham green.

Then there is the bonus day.

It started as a steady ride to Chevening. Until I was overtaken, now this happens a lot but this time a wanted to push myself. Within a few seconds I decided to catch up and see how long I could stay with him. I watch a lot of bike racing and when a rider accelerates away the commentators say the rest of the racers have to react quickly. Now I know how quickly. He wasn't going much faster than me, but the short delay before I gave chase meant he was well up the road. And it took a lot of effort to close the gap. I stayed with him over the undulating route for five or six miles before I turned off. It's amazing how much difference to my average speed this short burst made. I cycled on past Chevening; it was one of those "I could cycle all day", days. But I did need to get home so I completed a circular loop through Dunton Green back to Chevening, then back along Pilgrims Way, up Clarks Lane and through Woldingham. The only steep hill being Burntwood Lane near to home.

A bit of advice: there are a lot of insects flying around. So keep your mouth shut. You're welcome.

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