Sunday 24 May 2020

Behind the scenes

I stopped to take a picture of my bike and forgot about the camera on the handlebars.

In the background if you follow the road into the distance, it's the top of a steep hill.

As I cycled away I realised there was now footage of me faffing around to get the shot I wanted. I'm happier behind the camera so BTS is rare.

Before you ask; I forgot that in my mouth was the bag I use to keep the camera dry. It looks like a weird transparent beard. It's only a short clip; I was there for a several of minutes.

I think this will be my default road route, not much traffic, just over twenty miles, a few good hills and I'm only out for an hour and a half.

And a picture taken not far from the above; it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. But in fact it was just outside Bletchingley with lorries on the A25 visible in the distance.

countryside near bletchingley with the A25 in the distance

Missed the rain on Saturday, chilled out away from the road.


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