Wednesday 6 July 2016

Cold and windy, a typical July day.

I had this shoot planned for months. I thought floaty, summer dresses under the pier and along the shore line.

And the the wettest June was followed by a very unimpressive start to July. But the weather reports suggested things were going to improve. And they did; in the morning. By the time 4 pm rolled around it was overcast and windy. It even rained as I got out of the car.

I had a jacket on and the wind was going straight through it. How would Coco, my model for the next two hours cope?

Well; she did cope very well. I guess she is use to it. But the splashing around in the sea in floaty dresses was out. We looked for more sheltered places to shoot.

The first set was around some rocks. It meant I could minimize the amount of sky in the shot. Some blown out background is okay, but not massive areas of it.

For the next set I wanted to include the sea. Standing a little higher, and further from Coco meant again I could minimise the sky and still get the background I wanted. But the largely blown out background does mean Coco stands out.

Then under the pier. A lot more windswept. So colder for Coco so we didn't stay long. But these are my favourites of the shoot.

We then moved to a sheltered garden. It meant some architecture and flowers in the background. To add some interest. And it was a bit warmer.

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