Tuesday 4 April 2017

Fashion shoot two.

Shooting for Caroline's website, this time along the Thames. With Melina. The plan was to meet at Charing Cross and use a couple of green spaces and the Thames embankment. Caroline wasn't with us, so it was down to me to ensure we produced the pictures Caroline needed. We started in Victoria Embankment Gardens. Before the Embankment was built we would have been standing in the river. In fact in the park is one of the original gates that would have lead on to the river from street level. A good background for our first shots.

The park had a lot of flowers in bloom so it was a colourful display, but didn't distract from the dress as they were some distance between the flower beds and Melina. We changed locations for different outfits to match the blooms. The full, high sun was a problem though. I had to balance the exposure to show the outfits at their best. Or look for shade or dappled areas of light. Not easy in this part of London.

Melina said she hadn't modelled before. But she was so relaxed, with a great natural smile that never diminished. She could have been an experienced model. It was also very busy, and that didn't faze her either. The other visitors to London would pause if I was mid shot. And then walk on when I was done.

We had a number of outfits to shoot so finding places for Melina's quick change was a bit of a challenge. But it didn't interrupt the flow. I was glad I had thought to bring some clips.  The shorts and yellow blouse were a little on the generous side. But once clipped in at the back, the fit was perfect.

It could not have gone better. By the end Melina was talking about ideas for another shoot. The docklands at night. I hope we can organise it.

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