Sunday 14 October 2018

I want to ride my bicycle

I'm on my own while Matt travels the world for the next two weekends.

To go out or stay in and if I do go out, where to go; are the questions I ask myself in this situation. I nearly always get out on the bike with only a little wavering. Except if it's raining, and cold. So I stayed inside and wrote this blog watching the wind blow the rain nearly horizontally across the garden.

rain on the window

I went out yesterday and it was great weather; I was looking forward to the same today despite the forecast. Hence the title of the post; I want to ride my bicycle.

A quick internet search suggests the lyrics could mean almost anything you want. The world wide web can appear to be just a collection of strongly held opinions on every subject. Most are vehemently supported and vigorously defended. To the point that a discussion can quickly degenerates into pointless personal attacks. I rarely post my opinions, it's just not worth the hassle of justifying them to potentially closed minded people who hide behind their computer's. There are only a few people with whom I would share my thoughts; I know them personally, and we have discussed our views face to face in the past. Most of the time I just move on.

It is a shame that a tool putting most of human knowledge at the fingertips of so many causes so much division. Discussions become polarised faster than face to face exchanges are likely to.

The internet can be a force for good against injustice, it's why some countries either censor or block access to it.

It can also bring people together, in a way not possible before.

“Look after yourself and each other” 

-- Jerry Springer

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