Tuesday 11 April 2023

Wheeling is healing

wheeling is healing

I have often written how much cycling means to me.

How much benefit it provides; both mentally and physically. 

Yesterday I went to see a friend; he's recovering from a broken hip. 

Last year we meet for a catch-up and we talked about his cancer. A phrase he used many times was "wheeling is healing". Cycling had helped him recover: it built fitness and strength, provided a distraction from the hardship and a focus. I thought that it would be a great slogan to print on a cycling jersey.

Finally I had them and the bank holiday weekend seemed an ideal time to deliver his.

I had intended make the journey by bike, but the rain was torrential, so I took public transport. As I finish writing this the weather today is wonderful. Why couldn't it have been like this yesterday?

He cooked a very tasty lunch and he, his partner and myself chatted about cycling, food and how his recovery was going. It was good to swap notes on life after our crashes. We both had mild dread for the daily blood thinning injections we had to perfom for a few weeks. He didn't get the same implant as me; which meant a very different rehab. He stayed longer in hospital, but could put weight on the leg earlier. It was more painful. And he has not yet been given the go ahead to ride outside. 

I hope I helped him stay positive.

It won't be long until he is on the road again. I can sympathise with his frustration at only being able to train inside.

We can then meet for coffee and ride a few laps of Richmond Park. It's a mecca for cyclists and hopefully a good reintroduction to getting out.