Saturday 15 September 2018


leeke street graffiti

The outfit chosen for the first location emphasised Xandria's stature with big heels and tall hair. The fluorescent top looked good against the busy graffiti background of Leeke St. It was a challenge to photograph in this dimly lit area. There were spotlights in the roof to pick out areas of the wall, which although not bright helped. I was glad to see them as I planned where we would shoot.

leeke street graffiti model

leeke street graffiti model

leeke street graffiti model

The second outfit, a colourful jumper, needed a clearer background so we went outside to a park. The tunnel had required the use of a flash with a 24-70mm f2.8 zoom lens. With more room I changed to an 80-200mm f2.8. This is a great portrait lens if you can step back a bit. I know in a previous post I mentioned the 85mm f1.8; the consensus being that this and the 50mm are default portrait lenses. But the way the telephoto zoom gives separation from the background is brilliant. It helped to make Xandria standout. I use it as much as I can.

model bright jumper

model bright jumper standing

This meant I was some way from Xandria, which can mean you lose connection. Pausing to show Xandria the pictures and discuss the next shot more often than normal ensured we stayed connected. It was a busy area but no-one walked into shot, everyone saw what we were doing and paused before walking between us.

We were near the river so I suggested we use that as a backdrop. To get there we passed a carousel, I couldn't resist using it.

model bright jumper standing carousel

model bright jumper standing thames

model bright jumper standing thames

As with the previous shoot, Xandria's mum set the style and Xandia and I worked well together to deliver her ideas. It is a joy to work as part of a good team.

Now that the weather is becoming colder and less predictable further shoots may have to wait until the spring. Which is a shame.

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