Sunday 26 July 2020

Views from a bench

Leigh bus stop in the rain

I have an end date for my lockdown; the third of August. After that I may be back to just riding at weekends. Although working from home could give me the opportunity for a short ride in the time I use to commute.

Continuing from last week's theme - a change of pace - this post will show more views as I sit on various benches in Surrey. The one above is from Leigh; I used it to shelter from the rain last Sunday.

Monday ushered in a return to sunny weather, and a new destination; Charlwood.

charlwood green
Charlwood Green
My return journey was paused for a while when I saw these donkeys.


The handlebar mounted camera recorded their saunter over to me. I didn't have anything to feed them, although I have read it's not encouraged. I believe horses etc can be poisoned by some of the food most people think is okay.

Tuesday started cool, but by the time the food and drink I bought with me had been consumed at St Bartholomew's Church in Leigh the sun was making its presence felt.

St Bartholomew's Leigh

Long term readers will also be surprised to know; I cleaned both bikes when I got home.

clean bike

It was back to St Bartholomew's churchyard on Wednesday. It's a quiet area to sit and think.

I glanced around from my bench, there is a better than average shed. So I used it as a background for my picture.

St Bartholomew's churchyard shed

I also wondered if there was a story behind the sunken headstone.

sunken headstone

I could only muster a short ride on Thursday, and Friday had no time for cycling. I have had months where I have ridden every day, but as the end of this period approaches I find I have less time.

Saturday was a moist ride, (why do some people not like that word?) I went to the green at Charlwood, this time sheltering from the rain at the front of the cricket pavilion.

cricket pavilion charlwood