Tuesday 3 April 2018

A poor March

April Deli Di Luca Westerham
Deli Di Luca Westerham
This year started well for cycling. More rides than in previous years for January and February. And then March arrived. Snow, rain and cold are the three words that characterised the last month. This weekend gave the opportunity to catch up a bit. On Friday we rode to Westerham and had food in a new cafe. The Tudor tea rooms was closed, so we went to the Deli Di Luca for tea and almond croissants.

I hadn’t planned to cycle on Saturday, but my plans changed and I could have. But I was tired and lacked enthusiasm. I really wish I had now though. We were out Sunday, to the bus stop. And then Monday, was a total washout. Four more days until the next chance for some cycling.

And then when the weekend does arrive, what will the weather be like? I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed.

More pass too close incidents happened this weekend. They occur on most rides now. Fridays ride had a few. Most of the time the vehicle at least slows down a bit. Which isn't ideal, but better than when they pass at full speed. Whyteleafe Hill is the the main location for the idiots. The next most likely place is the Limpsfield Rd on the way to Botley. I don’t know what to do. I always report them but nothing seems to happen. I use to get an occasional call from the police, but I have heard nothing from them for a couple of months. Maybe my name is now on an ignore list.

Here is the latest. Apologies for the language, I didn’t realise the microphone was that good on the GoPro. Or that I was so loud.

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