Friday 1 January 2021

Looking back at 2020

I'll try to avoid the obvious topics for this year, except to say the four months of furlough did have some upsides for me. I lost weight, some may say I didn't need to. But I feel so much healthier and fitter now. 

It was difficult at first, I don't like to change my routine. I had plenty of time to myself, I know for others this aspect was harmful. But I needed it, being on the bike every day gave me space. 

Another change was talking, or writing about my depression. This blog became a way to more easily express myself. Family, friends and work have been great, I know they are there for me. They would have been in the past; if I had spoken about what was going on. 

I'll look forward with positivity, I'm better able to deal with the inevitable ups and downs

I want to build on this progress. And help others to move forward if I can.

I hope that for you 2021 will see positive change.