Saturday 3 February 2018

three nil to me

cycle grey morning
A grey overcast cycle
I'll start by saying I don't make new year's resolutions. I have this year planned to cycle more, whatever the weather. It has been normal in the past to abort if it's raining as Matt and I leave our respective houses. This can mean many non cycling days, especially at this time of year. I wanted to make a change and today was the first real challenge to my plan. It was drizzling a little as I walked down to the garage. Even when the rain became heavier, beating loudly on the corrugated roof, I hadn't seen Matt's text, so I pushed the bike out of the door, the rain had stopped. A win for me then.

Five minutes later the rain was back, but I carried on. Another win for me as it didn't last long enough to contemplate turning back.

A few minutes from our meeting point I noticed a few texts, and a call from Matt. I was half way up a hill so I didn't stop. When I arrived at the green I could give my phone the attention needed.

Matt had aborted, eventually. He hadn't wanted to, but the rain was much heavier over his way. The first text was to say it was raining, but he was on his way. The voicemail and final text was the dreaded abort.

It wasn't raining where I was, and I was already out, so I carried on. Maybe for no other reason than to get a picture for the blog. I got lucky with the ride,

I'm home and warm now, and by my reckoning it's three nil to me.

Let's hope tomorrow the weather doesn't improve it's score.

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