Thursday 9 February 2017


The idea started at the beginning of the year. I mentioned it in my last blog. I want two things for my photography in 2017.

A purpose and a new way to display my work.

A calendar will give me both.

I'm have now started planning and contacting models.
I don't want to have only one or two locations or models. So it will take a few sessions.

I'm using Pinterest to gather pictures of outfits and posing ideas. I'll share them with the models. We can discuss what they have available that fits the theme.
It's a good way to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

I have some ideas for locations. But this time I can't rely on scouting the area as the shoot progresses. This worked before because I knew the areas. This time around I won't have been there with the intention of completing a photo shoot. I want to ensure the area is as I remember it. A visit beforehand will be needed. I could also take some pictures, use them for a montage on the back of the calendars. Display them in a scrap book style. Or to look like a scattered pile of polaroids.

Of course I also want more opportunities like the family photo shoot a while back.

If I keep posting my thoughts on this blog and the results of my photography on Facebook, twitter etc. They might come me way.

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