Sunday 21 June 2020


This weekend marks nearly three months of lockdown. I never thought it would last this long, I'm sure most people didn't.

It has been a weird period; life has gone on, whilst also being paused.

I have cycled over 1900 miles, and none of my clothes fit. Yes; there is 7.4 kg less of me, that's 5 cms less around the waist. 

Hills that once presented a tough challenge - are still not easy - don't fill me with dread. I can now climb them confidently. 

Here are some recent pictures. The kona hasn't had many outings lately.

how much do your like your bike?

It's been mostly about the Giant, I find it much more responsive and rewarding to ride.

On Tuesday it rained all morning, I was still determined to get out. As I got on my bike the rain stopped and I had a nice warm ride. A little muddy, but still very pleasant. It started raining again as I got home. How great is that?

The bike got fairly muddy; it's amazing how much muck appears when it rains after a long dry period.

As I got to this junction, the rain water was evaporating from the hot tarmac.

Thursday tested my determination; it rained heavily for thirty minutes at the start. Yes, I left the house while it was raining.

Most of the ride was rain free, but the roads were slippery so I took it easy. I arrived home in sunshine, with a grey tan on my legs. It is amazing how much crud you pickup.

grey tan after a ride
grey tan after a ride

I don't usually make a big deal about the distance I ride, everyone has different schedules into which cycling has to have time allocated. But; I did 206 miles this week, despite rain most days. I'm very happy with that. The toughest part is riding alone, I can't wait for group rides.