Sunday 12 August 2018


Yesterday we cycled to the Tatsfield church yard, a staple location for us. I was running late so again the longer ride to the lakes was out.

It's a good place to stop for tea and cereal bars. Not much evidence of the recent rain, just a little wet grass.

The weather was great, a gentle breeze and the right amount of sun. Previous weekends the temperature would have been starting to rise by the time we headed home. Making for a sweaty return journey.

Today we decided to visit a place not often cycled to. I nearly regretted it though. The off-road path was steep down hill and uneven. It was very narrow, and bordered by stinging nettles. Not a problem for Matt, he was wearing long trousers. Me, not so much; I was wearing shorts. We talked about how disappointed we were that the path wasn't cleared. It is amazing how much we take for granted. A rarely used path in the middle of nowhere, and we were complaining it hadn't been tidied up.

exploration cycling stile

The path leads to a stile, no fence, just a stile at the edge of the field. Doesn't make sense to have one there. But it does provide a seat.

We had planned to continue along the path but it was completely impassable. So we cycled around the field along a track. A short distance and we were on a footpath, we only had a vague idea where we were. Relying on our inbuilt sense of direction we eventually came across the Limpsfield road, turned right and headed to the green. Next weekend we'll be back, starting from this point, and exploring some of the other paths we passed.

exploration cycling sign
Us at a signpost. Which way?

cycling sognpost

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