Saturday 27 July 2019

It gets easier

Out in the rain on my bike this morning, the weather wasn't as bad as last Saturday. As I left the house it was a light drizzle so I set a target of Westerham the long way via Beadlestead Lane; around twenty six miles.

Now that I am use to it, I don't really mind getting wet. If I want to do this during the winter I'll need better riding gear. What I have won't keep me warm, something I don't have to worry about at the moment.

Unfortunately the weather worsened and I decided to turn for home before I started the final descent into Westerham. Maybe I'm not that happy getting wet, eighteen miles was enough!

I kept cleaning the camera lens as I went, it's disappointing to get home and watch an hour or so of video with a huge water droplet centre screen.

I reached home soaked, so the shower felt really good. But how to dry my trainers? Last weekend the weather improved so I hung them outside in the sun.

I haven't read a newspaper for a long time; I now get my biased, poorly researched and written news online. But there is nothing like a cheap red top scrunched up and stuffed into wet shoes to absorb the water.

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