Sunday 22 April 2018

Cycling and making connections

bsa scrambler motocross westerham

My last couple of cycling posts have had an underlying theme, they have started to be upbeat, and positive. I'm guessing the better weather is part of the story. But I feel I'm in a better place as far as stress and depression is concerned. I have started to change the way I react to, and deal with life. The saying, worry only about what you can change, and change it. Has become more of my daily routine. I slip occasionally, but not for long.

Cycling has again shown what it can do.

Matt and I met as usual and decided our destination would be Westerham. Sitting on the green in the sun next to Winston Churchill, what could be better?

When we arrived a classic BSA sidecar motocross bike was parked by our bench.

As I was talking the pictures in this post when the owner returned from the coffee shop.

bsa scrambler motocross westerham

bsa scrambler motocross westerham

And we started chatting. To be honest the finer points of the 1950's BSA were lost on me, but it didn't matter. The guy was a real character and it was easy to chat about the bike's history. Some of the names associated with it I didn't know, some I did, or at least their descendants.

It was his main form of transport, so it wasn't a fair weather ride. He rode it all over the country to events and rally's as well as just for fun. 

If it wasn't for cycling Matt and I wouldn't have spent a pleasant twenty minutes chatting with a total stranger. I wish I had a picture of him with his bike. But it's too late to worry about that now. I must not miss an opportunity like that next time.
bsa scrambler motocross westerham

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