Sunday 15 December 2019

Only six more sleeps

van driving through a huge puddle

There was a short window where it didn't rain on Saturday morning, we got out in it. There was a lot of mud and debri on the road and many of the usual puddles. I normally build up momentum and coast through with my feet held high off the pedals. It keeps them fairly dry, but not this morning. I kept to the centre of the road where the water would be at its shallowest. But as I reached the mid way point the depth of the water was such that the bike really slowed down. I thought I'd have to lower my feet and pedal. Luckily I made it through but still had wet trainers. We didn't go much further, just to a church yard at the top of the next hill for our tea stop.

The return journey meant passing through the new Church Lane lake. This time oncoming traffic necessitated more caution and riding closer to the edge of the road. The van did slow down but the bow wave was pretty big and the water much deeper. I also had to pedal, which resulted in soaked feet. It wasn't a cold day so it didn't cause much discomfort. Wet feet are just part of cycling at this time of year. I have said it before; riding through the winter makes me appreciate the warmer months of the year.

I got home, showered and life started; breakfast and shopping. I have printed a few calendars featuring pictures taken over the past few years. Matt will get one tomorrow, I delivered to Ross Cycles on my way to the supermarket.

2020 calendar

It is the third year for what is likely to become a very collectable item. The previous two have been desktop A5 size. This time it's wall mount and roughly 8x10, a much better choice.

Saturday night had strong winds and heavy rain. Thankfully as the sun rose on Sunday there were clear blue skies.

A similar route to Saturday had us fording the Church Lane lake again. It was much deeper this time. Pedaling through had us dipping more than our toes in the cold water.

It wasn't too bad really, and was quickly forgotten once the tea came out at the bus stop.

Considering how much rain we saw last week, a mostly dry thirty mile weekend was better than I had expected.

Only six more sleeps until we can do it again.

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