Saturday 24 March 2018

Motorbike shoot

eddy harley davidson adjustment fix
Eddy focused on attention to detail
A while back I replied to a Facebook casting for photographers. Eddy was developing his motorcycle customisation business: Eddy Motorcycle Consultants. His plan was regular meet ups with owners being introduced to photographers. For me it didn't seem like Eddy was after free photography, but had a genuine desire to provide a bigger service to his clients. He wanted to add extras. To put owners in touch with service providers like me. They would rightly be proud of their bikes, and want to have prints on the wall or images for social media etc.

The meet isn't until May, but Eddy suggested I visit the workshop before then. He had some bikes in he was working on. I would be able to show what I could do; start to build a working relationship. And he would have some pictures to use and give to the owners.

When the bikes are finished.

The owner's could commissions me for further pictures and I start to establish my business.

And Eddy adds some extra value to his business for his clients.


I'm back and looking through my work.

The theme of the main bike being worked on was skulls.

harley davidson skull airbox

harley davidson skull handlebars

Some interesting artwork

You needed to get up close to see the details.

Another bike in for an extensive refurb. In forty years it had only done four thousand miles. It looked original down to the wiring.

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