Saturday 10 July 2021

Cornwall photowalks

cornwall farm cottage

My wife and I are just back from seeing my sister in Cornwall. For the second time we stayed at Treworgans Farm, Ladock. It's adapted for Marcia's needs and isn't very far from Sheila's house so it's ideal. The last time was in 2019.

I took it easy on Sunday, and after breakfast I went for a walk. Had to wait for the rain to stop, and not be out too long. It always looked like the torrential downpours would soon return.

At a walking pace you notice so much more, the picture above was the cottage from the twisty lane towards Probus. The one below was taken as I left the farm at the beginning of the walk.

cornwall farm cottage and field

The rest are what drew my attention.

dry stone wall

snake head

The village of Probus has a telephone box that hasn't been converted for another use. Looking a bit old, run down and neglected. I know how it feels. ;-)

poppies cornwall



Side note, everyone I walked passed every time I went shopping in Probus said hello. How nice is that!?

Walk number two, I headed for Ladock. The path is a lot more enclosed, less expansive views. It dawned on me how many wind turbines pepper the landscape, are they too much of a blight? We all want power, with less emissions, so they will likely increase in number.  I searched for a vista without them. We look out across hedgerows, dry stone walls, and a patchwork of cultivated fields, mankind has shaped the landscape for a long time, and we have gotten use to it.

wind turbines

Kept an eye out for smaller details.

Another short walk across the fields at the back of the farm house had plenty of wide views. 

patchwork fields

patchwork fields cottage

And another wind turbine.

wind turbine

The weather was changeable but we got out on Thursday to Pencarrow House and Gardens, meeting Sheila for something to eat in the cafe. We went for a walk around the grounds, heading for the hill fort. I'd advise you don't bother; we walked through it without realising. It was a long ascent too. And the view spot; wasn't. The sunken garden is accessed by steps, so it was another place to bypass for Marcia. I took some pictures, Marcia did have Sheila to talk to while I did. If we hadn't wasted time with the invisible iron age encampment we could have seen the lake on the other side of the estate. Most important we all had a long chat in the sun, before heading home on Saturday.

sundial pencarrow house

fountain pencarrow house

sundial pencarrow house

pencarrow house across the sunken garden

roses by the cafe pencarrow house

A last few words about the cafe; tasty food, served by very friendly people. It is expensive though, and whilst the cutlery was disposable, it could be composted. It arrived at our table in polystyrene containers; not environmentally friendly.

There weren't any sheep in the field next to our cottage this year, just an elusive pheasant. It took a few days to sneak up on him.

elusive pheasant