Saturday 16 March 2019

A violin and Brighton

 brighton model violin and the pier

A model contacted me about organising a shoot. She mentioned playing the violin which I thought would add some extra interest. Yesterday I travelled to Brighton, I wasn't sure the shoot would go ahead, I checked with Helen and she was still keen. The walk from the station to the beach was concerning, the wind was getting stronger the nearer to the sea we got. I thought the waves, wind and backdrop would make for drama. It made it almost impossible to shoot. Helen was only about fifteen feet but she couldn't hear me. She kept her coat on while I checked camera settings and adjusted the pose. Then coat off, take a few shots and coat on. It was so windy keeping the camera steady was difficult, standing in big heels can't have been easy. But all she was concerned about was getting a great picture.

brighton violin and the pier heels

We moved to a short jetty structure, it was about fifty feet long. And only accessible by walking across the stoney beach, but as soon as the camera came out people felt compelled to walk it. It seemed weird to us.

red coat pier in the background

We didn't stay long, time for plan b.

Hot drinks were needed, we found this beautifully lit dinner. Big windows facing the beach and down one side gave very soft light.

tea in a dinner

The violin came out again, the black of Helen's outfit and red of the phonebox were a good contrast.

red phonebox violin black outfit

Then to compete the shoot some lifestyle shots taken as we walked back to the station.

red coat lifestyle railings

red coat lifestyle flint alley

It goes to show what can be achieved out what at first seems like a lost cause.

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