Saturday 4 June 2022

Progress; three steps forward, one back.


cycling in surrey

A week on from being discharged by the hospital my training took a hit. Sunday evening I started to feel unwell. Symptoms of a cold manifested themselves. As Monday started I could barely talk, my throat was so painful. I had a headache and a cough. I always wear a mask in shops and cafes, so I don't know how I caught it. By Tuesday night I was hardly sleeping so Wednesday was worse, I started work but couldn't continue and went back to bed, finally getting to sleep around lunch time. I had missed three nights that should have had me on the trainer. Thursday was a take it easy day.

The picture above was on the way to Westerham to meet Matt on Friday.

The club had a ride that I was recovered enough to join. Reasonably hilly, 58 miles and with an average speed of 15mph. I didn't hold everyone else up too badly and it was good to catch up over coffee as we sat outside the cafe. It was also the first ride on the repaired road bike. It felt okay, longer hills were taken slower than pre crash, and I spent more time in the draft of others to save energy. But on the whole I was pleased how well I coped.

With only two more weeks until I ride to Cornwall for the charity Mind I need all the prep I can get. I have waited so long for this, I'm getting really excited and can't wait to start. It will be brilliant to see my sister. It will great to be able to show her how well I have recovered. I don't think phone calls have completely convinced her that I'm nearly back to normal.

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