Wednesday 3 May 2023

TT time again

TT Time trial

TT bars

It's finally time to see if my new bike has improved my TT results. Link to blogs about it. Link to 2022 TTs.

Times from last year:

02/08/2022 28.59
16/08/2022 28.42
23/08/2022 28.50

And this ride:
02/05/2023 29:28

Since taking delivery in December I've covered 1,204.6 miles on the Le Vita. Right from the start it felt faster. That feeling improved again when I removed the mudguards. The club rides have given me a good idea about the potential boost. There are many variables for each TT, hopefully I'll see an upward trend.
tt bars

I wrote about what I thought might be helping me go faster. Link
In the end I didn't use the TT bars. The test ride didn't build my confidence. I'll come back to them; a work in progress.
I was slower, which is disappointing.  Compared with last year's fastest time I lost out on the second lap. I did encounter horse riders on the first, but looking at the two events in Strava I didn't appear to loose much time on that section. It was very windy and I had ridden over 60 miles the previous day. A combination that may have caused me to tire as I hit the long back straight for the second time.
All being well, I'll be back next Tuesday. I'll take it easier the day before and try to push harder towards the end.  

I'll need to schedule some more time with the TT bars, and investigate how I might train differently.