Saturday 20 July 2019

It felt good to be out in the rain

sheltering from the rain

My bike hasn't got a name so I think the post title is fitting.

It was to be a lone ride and as I walked to the garage the rain started. Not too heavy so I kept walking.
As I started the ride it got heavier, the further from home I was, the worse it got. I haven't ridden in rain like it since my first RideLondon. But I was wet so decided to carry on, and then thunder rolled in. Followed by hailstones.

It wasn't cold, and once the clothes I was in became saturated my body warmed up the water.

I only went to the bus stop at Tatsfield, around 17 mile there and back. I took my gloves off to take pictures and it was then I realised just how wet I was. My outfit was very heavy. Putting the gloves on again wasn't pleasant, they had cooled considerably.

Near home I passed along a stretch of road that always floods. There are specially built culvats at the side. Constructed a few years ago after the whole area almost ground to a halt due to a long period of torrential rain. The local water treatment plant was close to being swamped.

As I write this the sun is out and the rest of the day looks good.

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