Friday 31 August 2018

Completed task list

harvey's beer wild hop blonde cycling bricklayers arms chipstead

It's not often I get to cycle during the week. Today I cycled to a pub I have been to a few times. Both on my own and with friends. It's also the destination known as the lake. Chipstead and back is around 30 miles so it's a good distance if I have some spare time, but not enough to get to Brighton and back.

I had the week off and thought about cycling every day, but bad weather at the start of the week and a lengthening task list meant it was not to be. This morning I completed the last item on the list and was free for the afternoon. As always when I'm on my own there was a moment where I could easily have stayed in the house, and as is also always the case, I was glad that I didn't.

The early morning rides mean the Bricklayers Arms at Chipstead is closed. Today I left the house at around 11 o'clock and arrived just before the lunchtime rush started. I got a seat outside and ordered a pint of Harveys Wild Hop blonde beer, not too heavy but very tasty. And a burger. It was a little pricier than I expected but worth it. So much so that I didn't stop to take a picture. I gave them a great Trip Advisor review after my last visit, and the quality was just as good this time.

harvey's beer wild hop blonde cycling bricklayers arms chipstead empty plate glass

Then on the way back the constant reminder that this glorious summer was coming to an end. Cloudy sky and bales of hay in the fields.

field harvested bales of hay

As if this wasn't bad enough, work on Monday.

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