Saturday 6 October 2018

misty morning

cycling mist field

All week rain had been forecast for today, but as is often the case the reports changed and it was dry this morning. As I left the house it was a bit misty, so lights were needed for the first time in many months.

We met as usual at the green, it was a little later than normal and the mist had thickened to dense fog. The extra traffic and poor visibility meant the best option was the slow way to the bus stop. We were passed by a few other cyclists, surprisingly a lot of them had no lights. Worse; a lot of cars either had no lights or just the parking lights illuminated. They loomed out of the fog and disappeared very quickly as they drove away.

We watched them from the bus stop and discussed the apparent dumbing down of the general population. When we were younger, it was rare to see someone without their lights on in poor weather, adult cyclists were mostly road based and always stopped at red lights.

Away from cycling, no-one is to blame for what happens to them, they would much rather abdicate responsibility to others; the government mostly. People are overweight so we get the sugar tax, NHS funded weight loss surgery and all the other schemes that mean people can say, it's not my fault. If you are taking responsibility, and making changes yourself, I salute you. People weren't forced to start smoking. What is the world coming to?

Not much much else was said, the rest of the day had to start. Just the picture to take for the blog. Always a creative challenge when we are at one of our regular locations.

As we prepared to leave a cyclist arrived and sat down beside us. This doesn't happen very often, a guy on a recumbent once stopped for a chat, and Dawes Galaxy as we called him was a semi regular visitor. Most Saturdays he cycles from Biggin Hill to his mum's in Walligham, often stopping at our bus stop. It's weird to think, just after we leave, someone else is there. An new member of NVL?

He left and shortly after so did we. Hopefully tomorrow will be clearer, maybe we can cycle further.

Misty morning, a less well known Bob Marley song. Why do radio stations only play two or three of his records, over and over again?

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