Friday 22 January 2021


A word that means so much. Many other words form a group that contributes to this all encompassing, you could say creed. 

Traits I associate with the word: integrity, trustworthy, reliable, respectful, consideration, empathy.

It's a willingness to put others first, if that is the right thing to do. Without losing yourself in the process.

Too many put themselves above all else, they barely consider how their actions, or inaction affects others.

The anonymity of social media means it's easy to remove yourself from the consequences of words; to not appreciate their power.

It is saddening that people record others misfortune, and then post it online. They find humour in it, or use it as a way to denigrate. Someone may be facing the worst episode of their lives, and ghouls rush to record it. 

No-one's perfect, we all act or speak without thinking. Making it right can be tough, honour is also admitting when you are wrong.

We need to be less critical of others, it's easy to find fault. It's much harder to accept mistakes and use positivity to move forward. 

If a change of plan is needed, support it.

Don't allow caustic hindsight to wear people down.