Tuesday 31 January 2017

Quiet period

I haven't produced many pictures lately. Cycling has been the main source of photographic opportunity. I have written before that my cycling is becoming a more serious reason to have my camera ready. And to be on the lookout for inspiration. This month I had a family portrait session. But in the last six months I haven't used my camera much.  And I miss it. I have been thinking about what to do this year.

Some shoot ideas are taking shape. The next step is to visit the areas I want to use. It will be along the river Thames. Around Blackfriars or Tower bridge. Then select the models. But I don't think I will be doing as many hired model shoots this year. I am learning and gaining experience. But I haven't got a reason for the pictures. I need another personal project. The books I produced gave me an excuse to revisit a set of pictures. A decade of cycling. 

It will be another format for my pictures to appear in. I'm considering a calendar. With the Thames as a backdrop. The people will be the focus of the portraits. But the river will connect the whole project. 

The outfits I am discussing with the models will be long, light dresses that will catch the wind.

A second theme will be using architecture as a background. There are some iconic buildings along the Thames. I'll use them as part of a blurred background. A shallow depth of field should leave them recognisable without being a distraction. 

This time around the outfits will be more fitted, stronger. It will be high contrast, entirely black and white. 

A few months ago I was able to have my portfolio reviewed by a successful, professional photographer. He gave me a lot to think about. And the changes to the pictures displayed on my website have improved it. He said black and white pictures, if done well, are perceived as better; more professional. I'm not sure I totally agree. But I have started to process some of my cycling pictures in back and white. And after the recent family studio shoot I did. The back and white ones were remarked upon as different and very welcome.

The pictures from the cycling that I processed as black and white were misty and moody. Well suited to a monochrome finish. But earlier in the year. The autumnal tones definitely benefitted from being in colour. 

It's like any processing. It has to be done right. And suit the subject. 

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