Friday 30 December 2016

Looking back 2016

I wrote a post a little time ago, reviewing my year. This one is about choosing my favourite pictures.

I might have posted these pictures before. Hope you like seeing them again.

Cheryl was great to work with. I hadn't been to the studio before. It had two areas, the main one has a background frame. I just used the white roll.

The second area, was the bar. It was the one I booked the studio for. They don't normally use this for a shoot. But I think they should. 

Really like these black and white pictures. Cheryl suggested a more dramatic set. I think we nailed it.

A great natural smile.

Again with Marilyn, the studio area was a nice place to start. And much warmer than the bar area.

But I liked what we did in the bar.

My first shoot with Coco. I had said the theme was urban, she knew a location with some graffiti. Hopefully not too clich├ęd.

Working with Tropical Rose again was great. She had just decorated her spare room. I wanted a nice soft white set.

First time working with Gabrielle. A bit punky, but soft was the theme.

This was the first time I had worked with Cheryl. She had travelled a long way. And I had only been to Hever Castle once.
But it worked out great. Cheryl was just so relaxed, easy to work with and knew the type of shots I wanted. There are so many from the day I liked. It was very difficult to edit the numbers down.

Coco again, this time a July beach shoot. It was cold and very windy. Not what I had expected. But Coco coped really well. I have some pictures I really like, and a bit more experience dealing with the unpredictable English weather.

Coco keeping warm on a cold July day.

Coco ignoring the cold, and looking good

I was asked by Xandria to help her produce some new pictures for her portfolio. Really pleased to be asked and able to help.

The last shoot of the year. With Stephanie at a farm house. I had time before Stephanie arrived to walk around. I placed some of my lights in a barn. The other areas I wanted to use had adequate natural light. I wanted the barn to look naturally lit. So some test shots were needed, again before Stephanie arrived to make sure I was ready to go.

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