Saturday 26 October 2019

A blustery day

This morning's ride was almost missed. I went to sleep to the sound of strong wind, it was the same when I woke. The weather had been unpredictable all week. But it wasn't raining so I went out.   

Other cakes are available, but not in my cupboard .
Wet leaves, slippery roads and gusty wind is not a great combination, but I had to blow the past week away.

Seventeen miles, some of it off road was a good chance to do just that. It wasn't cold, so a pleasant hour and half was spent in the saddle.

On the way back I decided to get a move on, the meandering route meant a mixture of head and tail wind. The picture above is from my go-pro. I had a tail wind but was still impressed when the speed display went off. Until I heard the car approaching. Maybe I won't be entering any road races on my mountain bike.

Back at the house there was one cake left in the packet, no good for sharing with the wife, so I did the only thing possible, ate it quickly.

Tomorrow is predicted to be bright and sunny, it'll also be the first day of winter. And I'll have had an extra hour in bed.

The next few weeks are normally dry but the temperature starts to drop. Each year I get better at choosing a warmer cycling wardrobe, I haven't quite perfected it for fingers and toes though. I'll complain about it, but still get out. What else am I going to do?

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