Monday 24 December 2018

Cycling at Christmas

Christmas is nearly here, which means a couple of extra days for cycling.

sunrise bike leaning against post
Saturday 22nd at the bus stop

Saturday was a good day, the slow way to the bus stop and back. It's a nicer route, avoiding lots of  traffic, with a few good climbs. It was much warmer than last week, so no falls this time.

Sunday's ride was a washout, heavy rain and cold winds. Out intended destination was St Leonard's Church. We don't go there very often, but just recently it's become a popular place. It was where Matt and I discussed our obsession with drinking tea.

Monday was much better. It had warmed up a lot, we decided to go to Flower Farm near Godstone. This is another half way stop we don't go to very often. I don't know why, it's not very far; about 17 miles there and back. If does mean a steep hill on the way back, but it always seems worse than it is. Once crested we always say, "that wasn't so bad". 

A very good part of the ride is the food at the farm shop. Tasty cake is always on the menu for us. They served it this time with a couple of slices of apple so it was good for us too.

We met at the green a little later than normal so the farm was busier than usual, but our favourite spot by the fire was free.

flower farm cake and tea
Monday at Flower Farm for tea and cake.

Christmas Day is a family day so no cycling, we hope to be out again Boxing day.

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