Friday 23 December 2022

19 days

December has been grim, I have hardly been outside. I've ridden on the trainer for thirteen days. Mostly because of the weather. I'm more risk averse than I used to be, a little snow didn't always stop me.

snow bike pound
a picture from a time when I did take risks

But now it does, and I think for good reason. Earlier in the month I thought six days was a long time to be stuck indoors. The monthly miles have nosedived as has my motivation. I've missed a few days in the garage. Sometimes I was busy; I could still have fittted in a ten mile session, but I didn't.

Now it's warmed up the heavy, persistant rain has returned. I hope this won't stop me riding over the Christmas period.

Oxted cycling club have some rides organised for tomorrow. I also intend get out every day for the rest of the year. 

Hopefully my motivation will return.