Tuesday 25 October 2022

Mind games

mind games


What makes an athlete different? 

They have physical attributes that give them an advantage. To a degree it's why they pursue a particular sport. But it takes more than that to excel.

Where do normal people like you and I fit in?

We too have adaptations that allow us to improve. I have larger than average lungs.

It's often said they can suffer more. When the training or race starts to hurt, there is no let-up. They know that muscles can perform passed when the mind is calling it a day. 

The mind can be a great enabler, or barrier. It needs training. We can all do it like the pro's.

Don't give up: 

a hill isn't the barrier it might appear, 
you'd be surprised what distance you can cover,
or just exercise regularly.

Don't take it to such an extreme you no longer enjoy what you are doing though. 
Set a target: weight lose, distance, time. And stick to it, but don't beat yourself up if you miss it sometimes. I used to use Strava challenges. You can join them to set a target you aim to complete in a month.

Maybe the riding I do is too much. In the garage during the week, with my club on a Saturday and to meet Matt on Sunday. I don't always feel like it, especially after work. But I know I'll feel better if I do; it works for me. 
So I guess it's the right amount. 
Everyone needs to find their happy place.