Sunday 25 February 2024

Ch ch ch changes

orange bar tap shimano ultegra

More bike news. In July I rode to the Isle of Wight, or at least most of the way. Link.

Close to Portsmouth I was knocked off by an inconsiderate, impatient, stupid driver. In January I finally got a payout from her insurance. It wasn't the full amount I should have received, but that was because the police wouldn't prosecute for due care and attention. It seems unless there is video evidence they don't bother. I wonder if they use the same logic for other wrongdoing; I doubt it.

The levers were functional but damaged. I also replaced the cranks. The later were okay but I was sourcing the parts from ebay and had a little money left to pay for them. I also didn't replace all of the clothing to save a bit more.

Why did I replace the cranks? I wanted a shorter set; since I broke my hip it hurts occasionally on longer rides and when I use the dropped part of the handlebars for an extended period. Both symptoms suggest there is a slight restriction to the range of movement; this change should help. And they have a power meter built in. This isn't really necessary, but I thought; why not? It would be interesting to see how much power I produce and if I improve as the year progresses.

Magene PES P505 Base Power Meter Crankset

The saddle had started to fray and I think it's a bit too narrow. The replacement is wider, shorter, supposedly 3D printed and carbon fibre in its construction. I say supposedly because it comes from China via Aliexpress so you never really know. I could be doing the supplier as disservice. Maybe the only way it could have been produced would be by this method. 

carbon fibre saddle 3d printed

The mountain bike has had one for a while, and it does feel better than the previous perch. Including a replacement carbon seat post it also shaved off an extra 200 grams. The Kona is now well under 13kg, a massive improvement. Link.

The bar tape needed to be replaced, I went from black as it had been to orange to complement my Kona.

kona orange forks handlebar grips