Sunday 7 January 2018

Another cold, and this time muddy ride

A muddy, and icy lane. Morning cycle.
A muddy, and icy lane.

Second ride of the year. Less foggy and slightly warmer. The wind was less bitter and not as strong.
I'm was on my own, so where to go?

There is a route near me that can either be completely on road or include a little off road. This time I chose the the mixed route.

As you can see above it was muddy, with plenty of ice covered puddles to ride through. The only trouble with the mud is that when I get home and want to get into a warm shower ASAP. I have to clean the bike first.

The pictures in the post are all from my GoPro clamped to the handlebars. I have it on time lapse mode so it can record the whole ride. For this reason the quality isn't as good as I like for my blog. It's normally okay, but the light was fairly low and was bounced around a lot. Using the GoPro means I don't have to stop to get my camera out. A good thing when it's cold.

It records evidence of close passes by other road users.

I get pictures I wouldn't normally be able to.

riding through icy puddle
Another ice covered puddle. Thanks to GoPro.

And occasionally it reveals something I missed. 

I was reviewing the photo stream and realised I had twice cycled past someone's aircraft collection, and not noticed.

aircraft at the side of a lane

aircraft at the side of a lane

And one more use for the GoPro. Selfies; or is that the bike taking my picture?

selfie bike taking my picture

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