Sunday 13 January 2019

tea with a view

view across a field while drinking tea

Another cycle to a new destination, and a great view while drinking tea. Regular readers will know of our obsession with finding nice places to stop for a break. This morning we planned to visit the cottage by the route we had been on when we first found it. But our path was blocked by a closed gate, and a sign that said no footpath. I'm fairly sure that wasn't there the last time we passed this way. So we turned around and followed footpath signs across another field, until they ran out. Which left us next to a low wooden fence we could use as a seat. We got out the tea and biscuits and admired the view.

trees view while drinking tea

The bikes, mine in particular, were muddy. I don't normally care too much but the gears were starting to play up again. My local bike shop always comment on my poor maintenance regime, and say it's the reason parts like the gears need replacing as often as they do.

bikes leaning against a fence while we drink tea

When Matt suggested we use the jet wash on our way back to the green, I initially said no. But as we approached the petrol station I changed my mind. The local bike shop would be so proud. I have a very clean bike now.

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