Thursday 20 July 2017

Zara at the Hacienda

This post is a bit out of time. I thought I had wrote it already. This shoot happened way back in June.

I had worked with Zara before, quite a long time ago in fact. I wanted to arrange something this year. It took a lot of back and forth before our schedules coincided. She had a studio day with two hours free. I had wanted to shoot at this new studio so it was a perfect match. Here is a link to the studio.

The studio has great natural light streaming in through huge windows, but loads of lighting equipment too.

Sean is very helpful and relaxed, always good in a studio host.

I used just natural in two of the rooms, but a one light setup in the other. I had used a beauty dish once before. I really liked the effect it produced. I hoped to balance flash and natural light. I think I got it right. Zara doesn't look studio lit. I turned off the light and it was very apparent what the beauty dish was doing. I'll use this technique again. That's the good thing about working with a great model. I can experiment and try new techniques without worrying about directing the model. Zara is brilliant.

Natural light.

And now the beauty dish and natural light.

It would be great to know what you think.

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