Saturday 14 July 2018

Personal challenge

summer cycling chipstead

Yesterday when I knew todays ride would be solo the plan was to do around thirty miles and see if I could match or better the average speed I achieved last weekend cycling to Canterbury. I know Canterbury is twice as far, but I didn't have anyone to pace me or to draft. When I cycle on my own it's easy to back off if it gets tough or slow down as my mind wonders. Today I pushed on and tried not to slow down. If I had to stop pedaling, on a bend for instance, I accelerated back to my cruising speed as quickly as I could. And kept pressure on the pedals as much as possible. It worked, when I got to the point I would turn around for home I had exceeded my average. Now I had to keep it up on the way home. I lost a little; when I got home my average had dropped to match last weekend's.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not obsessed with times and sectors, or comparing myself with anyone else. I just wanted to set a target, a personal challenge, to see what I might be capable of.

I get more from a lone ride by doing this, when I'm not on my own it's more about having a laugh with mates and chilling out. We can all easily complete the distances we do.

summer cycling chipstead
Taking a break
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