Saturday 21 April 2018

Cycling in the sunshine

cycling sunshine field
Sun, blue sky and a good mood

Great news; Matt's back.

We met as usual at the green, and what a morning. The sun was beaming from a clear blue sky, it was warm as well. A leisurely ride the the bus stop followed. We cycle all year round and it's always a mood improver, but feeling the warm sun really can't be beaten. It's been a very long week at work, so I needed to de-stress. Today was just what I needed.

A weird coincidence meant Matt and I both choose today to wear a statement t-shirt. Mine resulted in an ironic picture. What do you think? And Matt's is, I think, a reaction to management speak; very funny.  

In my head in am mountain biking
 Always thinking about cycling

cycling i bring nothing to the table

So Matt, what are you contributing?

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