Saturday 7 April 2018

on the road bike for the first time in a while

It's the first time I have ridden my road bike this year, I'm not sure when the last time was. But now I remember why it's rare to be out on it. It's uncomfortable. Either the roads are getting worse or I'm getting old. I have even considered a new bike with carbon forks; it would lighter, I was more interested in the bump adsorption. But it was just too much money considering I wouldn't ride it much. Everyone I know has mountain bikes. And mountain bikes are much nicer to ride; soft squashy tyres and suspension.

Daffodils, cycling, spring at last
Daffodils, cycling, spring at last

Hopefully the daffodils are a sign that the bad weather during March is finally behind us.

I have posted many times about motor vehicles and their inconsiderate driving.
But cyclists have their faults too. A red light is not a give way sign if you are using pedal power.

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