Saturday 27 January 2018

In the studio again

studio model photography dance
My favourite picture, simple elegance.

It’s been a while, nearly seven months in fact, since I worked with a professional model in a studio. I  have completed a number of very successful shoots with Janayah. Looking back as I did last month. I can see we have gotten better with each one. And I am looking forward to the next one in February. An evening shoot along the Thames.

This shoot was to enable me to experiment with lighting. The studio had a number of sets, and four lights. Each with numerous modifiers. So plenty to play with.

It was also an opportunity to work with Anna. Something I had wanted to do for a while.

But first we had to wait for the studio to warm up. Why do some studios not invest in good heating? One small fan heater was never going to do it. So for the whole shoot the heater followed Anna around. And I kept the cups of tea coming.

We kept moving from set to set, with me changing the lighting regularly. Big soft boxes, strip boxes, a beauty dish and reflectors. Using two, three or all four lights.

studio model photography seated

studio model photography seated boots

studio model photographystudio model photography

After about three hours I ran out of ideas. That’s when Anna came to the rescue. She said a lot of her shoots included dance.

studio model photography dancestudio model photography dance

So a new challenge for me, capturing dance movement. Anna suggested lighting, and I continued to experiment.

studio model photography dancestudio model photography dance

I really like the results of the whole shoot. It was a difficult task to reduce the number of shots to process down to a reasonable number. There were so many good ones. It's a sign of a successful session when I have so many to choose from.

Here are two more, cause I just can't help myself.

studio model photography smilestudio model photography seated boots

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