Saturday 13 January 2018


cycling woods bollards moss
My bike lent against some moss covered tank traps, or maybe they are just bollards to stop vehicles driving in the woods.
I'd like first to apologise for the lack of a creative title for this blog. When you cycle every weekend, you will be presented with two problems as I am. Where to cycle, and what to write about. Having to think of a creative title as well, it's all too much.

So here dear reader is a post, titled with today's date.

Matt has been away this week so for today it was just me. I choose a route we hadn't cycled for years. We use to cycle to a cafe, have breakfast and then ride home. But it is a longish route and the food stop means a late return home. So we have avoided it. There is also a steep, long climb, which might also have something to do with it.

The Enterdent near Godstone is the hill in question. It was a lot longer than I remember. But a worthy challenge. Bested with only a little heavy breathing. I didn't make it to the cafe though. I ran out of time due to a late start. When my meandering journey came close to home I gave up on the cafe and headed towards my house.

This meant I had to travel along Whitehill Lane. It's one of my nemesis hills. It comprises three climbs. Each one a little steeper than its predecessor. The last 20 yards of the third one is very steep. It's the last climb when I cycle to Brighton and back. So it always causes a sense of dread when I know it's close.

Below is the cyclemeter readout. Not sure how I managed to climb more than I descended and still end up back home.

cycling hills climbing
A route with some big climbs

Cycling with Matt tomorrow, wonder where we will go.

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