Saturday 16 February 2019

Is it spring yet?

botley and daffodils

A very foggy cycle this morning, 17 miles mostly along a cycle path. We don't use it very often because it's very poorly maintained and there is a high risk of punctures. But it just wasn't safe to ride on the road. Streams of cars barely slowing for the reduced visibility, a lot with no headlights on.

Not far from the bus stop the bike started to wobble and as I slowed it became obvious I had a puncture.

We decided to have our tea by the Botley Arms and as Matt sorted it out I set about patching the inner tube. It was all going well until I tried to inflate the tyre. The pump was almost locked in the short position. No matter what I did it wouldn't work. I'm guessing the one-way valve that allows air to be sucked in is blocked. Everything I tried failed, luckily Matt had a pump. These past few weeks I had been on my own, a puncture would have meant a long walk pushing the bike. I don't remember the last time either of us was afflicted with this cycling blight. It's nearly always when one of us uses the cycle path.

I'm home now, new pump clamped to the bike. I never thought to test the pump as part of any maintenance routine, I'll do it from now on.

Last weekend had been a little chilly, and the weekend before that had snow. Now the daffodils are hopefully heralding the start of spring.

We chatted about Matt's recent trip to Delhi, they have a cycle scheme like London. Matt has used schemes whilst in cities around the world, but I can't blame him for not using it in Delhi. He had some videos of his trips in a motorised rickshaw. The roads are as chaotic as I thought they would be. Although the low speed everyone was travelling at may make it safer than some roads around here. Probably still not worth the risk.

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